Betty Buck Thank You

We want to Thank All those who were involved in the care of Betty during her last days. Good Samaritan Hospital Staff and Medical personnel. The Doctors, the Nurses, the students that watched her day and night as she recovered from the Heart Surgery. The Rehabilitation at White Oak Nursing Home, to include, Management, administration, and food service. The Nursing Staff to include Elsbeth, Marianne, Gloria and Janet. All the CNA’s, the Maintenance Staff, the Residents, and a special Thanks to the Rehab staff and the hard work they performed to help her walk again, (Thanks Kristi). We want to Thank Hughey Funeral Home and the extra effort they expended to make Betty’s service a beautiful and lasting memory. Thanks Don for sending Jerry. Tim and the others, they performed as professionals and you know Jerry and Bonnie were special to Betty. The Pastors, Brother Richard West and Brother Travis Hayes, Singers Gary and Kay Wangler, and Paula Joy. The Pianist Georgia Wangler.Thanks Lebanon for the outpouring of love shown to Bettys’ family and the excellent dinner prepared for the family. A true demonstration of God’s love and care. As Betty took her last breath we can rest assured that God performed a miracle as she was no longer sight impaired or hurting. Thank each everyone who stopped by and shared our loss.

-The Ted Buck Family