May is National Older Americans Month, and during the month of May, Petersen Health Care along with IDOA is encouraging everyone to

“Make Your Mark” in the lives of older Americans.

You’re never too old – or too young – to participate in activities that Make Your Mark on our seniors. Delivering a meal, writing a letter, or just a simple phone call to check-in will certainly bring a smile to anyone’s face. Show them you care. Now, more than ever, let’s do what we can to Make Our Mark in the lives of our older adults!

“Their eyes have seen history first-hand. They’ve seen good times, hard times, dangerous times, and these times. Our seniors have Made Their Mark on our world; Now it’s our turn. May is Older Americans Month in Illinois. Make Your Mark with them, through support, interaction, communication, friendship. And you’ll see life, through their eyes.”  –Legendary television journalist, producer, and news anchor, Bill Kurtis