Nursing Care

Each of our homes offers a licensed nursing staff with skills above and beyond the requirements of a typical Medicaid skilled nursing facility.  Highly educated, our staff is able to meet a variety of health care needs, including rehabilitation, dementia/Alzheimer’s care, and others as may be required at various stages of life.

Once the decision has been made that 24-hour care is necessary and must be provided by a skilled nursing facility rather than assisted care (for more information on the differences, go to our FAQs) selecting the right home will be an important decision. Unfortunately, this decision is often made in a difficult or crisis situation. If at all possible, it’s important to visit several homes – perhaps more than once – so that you can evaluate whether it will suit the needs of your loved one.

Use these guidelines to rate the homes you visit. If the answers are not apparent, do not hesitate to ask the staff. This decision is a difficult one no matter when it takes place and you owe it to yourself to have as much information as possible.

Quality of Care

  • Are the nurses and staff friendly and attentive?
  • Are the residents well groomed and neatly dressed?
  • Are any odors eliminated quickly?
  • Does the staff seem to enjoy their work?
  • Does staff morale seem to be high?
  • What medical care is available at all times?
  • Can residents choose their own physicians?
  • Other medical services offered (i.e., dental, vision, etc.)
  • Is it Medicare and/or Medicaid certified?
  • Is it the practice of the nursing home to perform extensive background checks to avoid abuse?
  • Did the staff give you a warm greeting?

Rehabilitative Services

  • Are both short-term and extended care offered?
  • Are most rehabilitative services available on a daily basis?
    • Physical therapy?
    • Occupational therapy?
    • Speech therapy?
    • Respiratory therapy?
  • Are the services approved by Medicare?
  • Are there licensed, professional therapists on staff?
  • What kind of experience with your particular therapy does the staff have?


  • Do they have a registered dietician?
  • Do the meals look appetizing?
  • Do the residents seem to enjoy their food?
  • Are between-meal snacks offered?
  • Can guests dine with residents?
  • Can you dine with residents to experience mealtime firsthand?
  • Do they accommodate special diets?
  • Do they vary the menu to accommodate different preferences?
  • Does the kitchen appear clean and orderly?


  • Is there a homelike atmosphere?
  • Are the rooms clean and comfortable?
  • Are the surroundings cheerfully decorated?
  • Are the grounds well kept?
  • Are there secure outside areas where the residents can go for fresh air?
  • Is the facility well lit?
  • Are there call buttons near the beds and handrails strategically placed in the bathrooms and/or hallways?
  • Are there disaster drills held (fire, tornado, etc.)?


  • Are both individual and group activities offered?
    • Arts & crafts?
    • Social & holiday events?
    • Outside trips?
    • Religious services?
  • Do they have special visiting areas for family?
  • Do they offer education and counseling for residents and family?
  • Are visiting hours convenient?
  • Is resident and family participation encouraged?

Other Considerations

  • Are you encouraged to visit anytime?
  • Can the resident bring favorite items from home?
  • Is there a volunteer program?
  • Do they have a published monthly calendar?
  • Are they accepting new patients?
  • Is there a waiting period for admission?
  • Is the home and administrator licensed by the State?
  • What reputation does the facility have within the community?

Contact us to determine which location may be best for your needs.