Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-10-28T12:41:19-05:00
Do you accept Medicaid as a payer source?2018-09-07T13:19:05-05:00

Yes! We can even help you apply for Medicaid. We also take Medicare A, many insurances and private pay.

If I am not sure of the care and services available for my family, what should I do and who should I call?2018-08-30T15:47:22-05:00

Answer: Making the decision as to how much care is needed can be difficult. That’s why seeking a physician’s assistance, along with counseling by qualified professionals, is appropriate. At Petersen Health Care, we have experienced staff available to help make an assessment and discuss your options with you and your family. By doing so, we can help you determine the best facility for your situation and care level. In addition, our staff is able to help you with any necessary paperwork and financial information.

Can personal items or valuables be brought into the facility?2018-08-30T15:46:48-05:00

Answer: Residents and families are encouraged to personalize their room with pictures, plants, mementos, and other items to make for a homey atmosphere. A favorite chair should be of a vinyl or leather type material. We discourage residents from keeping valuable items, such as expensive jewelry and large sums of money, in their rooms. The facility cannot take responsibility for such items. Some residents with varying degrees of dementia may not recognize the value of an item and may unintentionally discard or mis