Therapy Graduates

Robings Manor Rehab and Health Care held a ceremony on Friday, May 13, 2011 to celebrate past graduates of the therapy program.  During the event, the staff of Robings Manor honored all individuals who have been successfully rehabilitated to home in the past year, as well as their loved ones whose involvement has been an integral part to their recovery.  Activities included a cake and punch reception and a short presentation from the rehabilitation team.  Each graduate received a congratulatory certificate and flowers in honor of their accomplishments.  Those honored included:  Ms. Eileen Katich, Ms. Jeannine Brooks, Mrs. Alberta Capps and Ms. Mary Drumm.




Showing our appreciation.

Westside Rehab and Health Care finished up National Nursing Home Week with our own official Joel Piper Appreciation Day!! Mr. Piper has been our dedicated Social Services Director for over 13 years and his service is more than appreciated. The best way to show our appreciation was in true Westside style, preparing 45 cream pies and having a few laughs at Mr. Piper’s expense. Residents and employees took turns launching a few pies to the face, and, just like a Carney in the dunk tank, he razzed every hurler that stepped up to the line. Please take a moment and visit our facility’s website and take a look all of our pictures of National Nursing Home Week and Joel Piper Appreciation Day!