Arcola Health Care

National Nursing Home Week 2011

The annual Mother’s Day Social was held May 5th which officially started the festivities for the upcoming week.  Everyone enjoyed a “chocolate extravaganza” with fruit and pound cake complete with a chocolate fountain.  A Mother’s Day Poem written by one of the residents was read.  All the women then received a pink carnation.

Arcola Health Care Center honored all their nurses with an Appreciation Day on the 6th.  The nurses enjoyed an afternoon of pampering which included stress relieving massages and wonderful desserts.



On the 11th, the big highlight was the Carnival held on the front patio.  Residents enjoyed a variety of games and a photo booth of a muscle man and flying trapeze woman.  Wetse the Clown was on hand for balloon animals and a small performance.  A carnival is not complete unless there is cotton candy, popcorn and lemon/orange shake-ups which everyone enjoyed.

Thursday the 12th was Western Day and featured “Tonto” with his knife and whip show complete with autograph signing and pictures with the residents.   The Prairieland Pickers, a resident favorite, performed in the afternoon.

The week ended with Royalty BINGO featuring Arcola High School Homecoming King and Queen.  The afternoon featured a spin off of the popular TV game show “Let’s Make A Deal” where all the residents dressed up and tried their luck with our “host” in an attempt to not get a ZOINK!

Countryview Care Center Macomb

Planting some flowers.

Countryview Care Center of Macomb

Kim Lampitt Director of BB BS’s and volunteer Brandon Dowactor came to Countryview Care Center to plant flowers in the flower beds with the residents.  “It was a lot of fun, we enjoyed doing it” , said Lampitt.  Big Brothers Big Sisters had left over flowers from their annual flower sale and decided to donate them to Countryview.  ” On behalf of everyone at Countryview we thank Kim and Brandon for not only donating these beautiful flowers but for coming out and spending the afternoon planting and spending time with the residents”, said Kassie Courson Community Relations Coordinator for Petersen Health Care.


LaHarpe Davier

Athena and Kenny Brown

Athena and Kenny Brown

La Harpe’s Mayor Kenny Brown graced us with his presence on Monday, May 9th at LaHarpe Davier Health Care Center.  He presented the official National Nursing Home Week proclamation to guests and residents.  We also received a visit from the LaHarpe Historical Society.  Mr. Gillett gave another great presentation and spoke about the good old days and games that were enjoyed by all.  Our theme for the day was I Promise to Play Hard so the Historical Society displayed antique games and spoke about special games they remembered like Monopoly and Stick Baseball, to name a couple.  Refreshments were enjoyed afterwards.  Later that afternoon everyone enjoyed a newer form of fun “tie dyeing”!  White t-shirts and socks were dyed for residents and staff.  The brightly colored clothing was then worn on Friday during our Evening in the Tropics Luau.


Every day here at LaHarpe Davier Health Care Center has been filled with fun activities for our residents, staff and guests.  On Tuesday May 10th we invited the Illini West Ag students to the facility and to bring along their animal friends.  The animals were set up in our beautifully landscaped courtyard for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  They brought a lamb, rabbit, baby chicks and even a turkey.

Fun with baby chicks.

One of our staff members, Hope Schaeffer, brought in her parrot named Max as well.  Our residents enjoyed themselves outside all morning long watching and holding the animals.  They also enjoyed listening to music and helped make puppy chow and finished off with ice cold refreshments.  We also got a visit from our elementary kid’s right next door.  They were able to walk down from school to see the animals and have some puppy chow as well.  We are always thankful to have Illini West students bring their animals every year during Nursing Home Week.  We appreciate them very much and they are always kind to the residents.  After lunch they brought their animals inside the facility for those who were unable to be outside.  They are very thoughtful and a great bunch of young adults.  We look forward to them coming back each year.