Athena Facepainting

Face Painting

Wednesday May 11th LaHarpe Davier Health Care Center celebrated with a School Days theme for National Nursing Home Week.  The day started out with games and activities in the courtyard for the elementary kids to enjoy.  We had horseshoes, bean bag toss, face painting, a clown, and balloon animals for the kids to enjoy.  Everyone got candy and puppy chow before leaving.  Residents enjoyed sitting outside on this beautiful day to watch the school kids play their games.  We always look forward to the school kids visiting us at the facility.  They are such a joy to be around and they are always smiling.  Each and every one of them seemed to be having fun.  Our day continued with a sack lunch in the courtyard for the residents.  We set up “picnic” style and everyone got their own sack lunch.  We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day to enjoy ourselves outside.  After lunch we had a photo guessing game that included school pictures of our residents and staff.  Everyone had to guess who was who.  We couldn’t have ended the day without having a Spelling Bee.  Marta Logan is always in charge of our Spelling Bees and does a great job doing it.  The residents enjoy her very much and can become very competitive.  We also celebrated National Nurses week on this day as well.  We appreciate our nurses very much and they are an essential part of the TEAM in our facility.  They are very hard working and they are the best nurses around..


Pie Eating Contest

Thursday May 12th at Laharpe Davier Health Care Center was a filling day at LaHarpe Davier Health Care Center.  We started the day off by providing a free lunch to the LaHarpe Senior Center. Along with lunch Cheryl Pamenter from our Therapy Department, Rehab Care, gave an educational presentation about how to prevent falls in your home and the rehabilitation services offered at LaHarpe Davier.  That afternoon we had our 2nd Annual Pie Judging Contest with our volunteers as judges.  Staff and guests baked pie to donate to the contest.  We had 18 pies in all that ranged from peanut butter to blueberry to strawberry crème and of course apple pie.  We had several categories that our volunteers had to vote on.  I think we all voted that they were all very delicious.  After the contest our residents were able to taste any kind they wished and I believe they enjoyed that very much. Marie Smessaert, a resident of LaHarpe Davier, commented “We eat all the time around here and the food is real good.” As residents, guests and our volunteer judges enjoyed their pie our Therapy Department gave a very educational presentation focused on our Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. Rehab Care has been able to do an amazing job for several of our residents living here with us and many that have rehabilitated home. After a very filling afternoon the Celebration School of Dance visited us during supper with an energy filled performance.  They are a clog dance group from Carthage and you can tell they practice very hard to become the little professionals that they are.  Everyone enjoyed their performance very much and would like to see them come back sometime in the future.

Piper City Rehab

Joni Graham, Kathy Nichols, Cyra Kennedy, Angelica Wachtor, Mick Taylor

Pirate Theme!

Piper City Rehab recognizes Beverly Griffin as Employee of the Month. Bev, LPN, lives in Onarga and has been a dedicated nurse for PC Rehab going on 3 years.  Bev makes our Residents smile and laugh with her fun personality.  Congrats Bev!!


Piper City Rehab docked on Pirate Island while on our Cruise. Little did we know that the Pirates were awaiting our arrival.  Pictured from left: Joni Graham, Kathy Nichols, Cyra Kennedy, Angelica Wachtor, Mick Taylor.  Right away the Pirates took Capture of our Fearless Leader Sharon Bargmann.  Pictured from left: Joni, Sharon, Kathy.  Sharon was made to Walk the Plank as the Residents partied in the galley with games & buffet of pastries.  This years’ National Nursing Home Week was very memorable and the Staff & Residents had a great time.

As we continued on our “Love Boat” Cruise around the world, Piper City Rehab stopped in Mexico for “Mexican Hat Dance” led by cruise director “Julie McCoy”.  Captain Stubbing joined in the dance as well as local town folk.  Residents and Staff had a blast with the dance and were treated to 6 different Mexican dishes.  The party never ends.

Pictures from Watseka Rehab and Health Care:

National Nursing Home Week 2011:

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