On November 11, 2010 Darryl Kraft joined us at LaHarpe Davier Health Care Center to honor our residents who are veterans. Darryl comes in each year to announce our veterans and talk about what each and every one of them did in the service.  We not only have male veterans, but a few female as well.  Tom Mueller, Joe Johnson, Pappy Thrapp, Robert Derry, Roby May, Ernie Painter, Leta Shell, Janie Irish and Evelyn Carter were all honored.  This celebration took place over lunch and our residents were encouraged to invite a guest to enjoy lunch with them.  Darryl gave each of our veteran’s an American flag.  LaHarpe Davier staff would like all the current and retired service men and women to know how much we appreciate and thank them for their dedication and service to our country.

An Appreciation Brunch was held at LaHarpe Davier Health Care Center on November 13, 2010. Staff and Residents honored the Firefighters and EMT’s that serve the surrounding area. To prepare for the brunch residents pitched in to help decorate for the event.  Minnie and Pauline helped put flags up along our fence in the courtyard and flags were also placed along the sidewalk leading up to the doors of the facility.  Our residents are always willing to lend a hand when they can.  Our Firefighters and EMT’s were treated to a delicious variety of breakfast items which included; biscuits and gravy, French toast, bacon and scrambled eggs.  The Appreciation Brunch gave everyone a chance to catch up on old times with those they already knew and a chance to get to know some of the new faces that serve our area.

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