First Place Float!

Roseville Rehab and Health Care was on a mission to build a float as told by Lori Enderlin the Community Relations Coordinator at Roseville.  Courtyard Estates of Monmouth supplied the hay rack and the place to build the float.  First there were a few meeting and several emails about the theme “Dance to the MOO-sic”.  Then we started the mission, the floor plan and materials began.  I and Erin Miller (Social Service-RRHC) gathered all the material from my barn and home the night before.  Ethel-Administrator RRHC, Connie-DON-RRHC, Lori-Marketing and Admissions RRHC, and Erin-Social Service RRHC helped build with power tools this first place float.  We did have some muscle power here and there from Adam and Dave the maintenance men from Legacy Estates and Courtyard Estates of  Monmouth because those screws would just not go all the way in for us.  Plus the gate from the 1700’s on the front of the hay rack weighs about 1700 pounds trust me.  We took the theme and ran with it.  Legacy Estates cut out cows for me to hot glue onto the corn.  I painted the cow with the logo along with our name on the back of the hay rack.  I literally went running through my house and porch putting items in my van to complete the float.  Symone-Medical Record-RRHC donated the straw for everyone to sit on.  Painter’s donated the tractor to pull the hay rack.  The roaster that we made for the weather vane is a centerpiece candle holder that I took apart and reused.  Every building made their own statement.  Everyone had t-shirts made to individualize their own building.  We had tons of candy and passed out our “stop