Minnie competing in the Petersen Olympics!

Petersen Senior Olympics

The teams assemble on the field of honor. With steely gaze they each prepare for their ordeals. They each prepare for their tests of strength, and of cunning, and of sheer will. This is the challenge that rewards those with heart and soul and determination. This is the time, once a year, that one team is chosen and 9 others fade into oblivion. This is the Petersen Health Care Senior Olympics.

Enfield RHCC fielded a team of 6 resident athletes at the Petersen Health Care 2014 Senior Olympics. This year’s games were held at the city park in West Frankfort.  Ten teams competed for the prestigious Olympic trophy.

The grueling competition revealed the greatest team in our realm is Enfield RHCC. The residents won for the second year, and denied the other teams the trophy. Teams from larger homes were in stunned disbelief, but the points clearly revealed little Enfield RHCC as winner. Come by our home and meet some real winners.

We were happy to be invited to the Carmi Health Fair on the 18th. Roas Mason and Rachael Frashier set a nice table, and had plenty of health information to relay. We popped a ton of popcorn and met a lot of good people. We were also happy to mingle with other professionals who share our commitment to health care.

Look for us in the Dairy Days parade coming up. We’ll be giving out good candy and better information. Make sure you cheer for us as we go by. Our folks thrive on your approval.

We still have tickets for the quilt raffle. The king sized quilt was fabricated by “The Royal Neighbors” of Fairfield. They have sort of adopted us, and we are very grateful for them. Last year we raffled a quilt they made and were able to finance all sorts of resident activities. This year’s quilt will be awarded October 31st, so get your tickets soon.

You’ve got to come in and see the remodeled nurse station and the updated hall. We also have newly decorated bathrooms. Marie Robinson, our dietary manager, is quite a decorator. She has an eye for what she calls “color” and her work looks great. She also paints about 10 times as fast as I do. She moves stuff around a lot, and sometimes we play “Where’d that picture go?” She is definitely a keeper.

It’s time to go. I have to polish our trophy and hide from Marie. She wants me to paint. Come by 408 N. Wilson in Enfield and look around. Enfield RHCC: Champions, every one.