Greg WilsonMary Cassady of Flanagan Rehabilitation and Health Care Center was awarded at our 19 Annual Petersen Health Care Awards Banquet for Housekeeping/Laundry Personnel of the year on March 16th at Mason Point in Sullivan Illinois. Mary has worked at this facility for 25 years . When Mary cleans your room you know its been done very thoroughly. To say the least Mary is one of sweetest, kind hearted, polite and hard working people I have ever met. She works full time at our facility and has probably only missed work 5 times if that in 25 years.

She comes in and volunteers at every event we have at Flanagan Rehabilitation and Health Care Cente and I mean EVERY event. She attends all wakes/funerals of past and present residents on her own time. She also does this for any past employee’s or current that have lost a loved one. She then cuts every obituary out and hangs it on the board and let’s all staff members know when the arrangements are. She is one of the hostesses at our Community Coffee Hour and Luncheon.

She takes it upon herself to stay in touch with families that have lost a loved one at our facility and go out to lunch occasionally. When we need cards signed or banners Mary will go around to all staff and get signatures on them. She is a HUGE help at our St. Jude fundraiser as she not only drops off flyers at different places but will always get donations to raffle off. Mary always comes back with a bunch of items because everyone loves her. This is just a fraction of what this remarkable lady has done for us at Flanagan Rehabilitation and Health Care Cente. Mary was selected out of all the Petersen homes in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. Flanagan Rehab also celebrated her award the next morning  at the Community Coffee hour with flowers and  balloons.