Laharpe Davier Health Care Center

National Rehab Week

Thursday  “Healthy Inside and Out” was the theme for Thursday.  Throughout the day we exercised our bodies and minds.  That morning “Every Body Boogies” was enjoyed and led by Stacy.  Residents formed a circle and done various exercises while listening to music.  The morning continued with some relaxing music being played on the piano by our volunteer Lisa Ferguson. We get visits from Lisa every other week and we look forward to it every time.  That afternoon bible study was held as it is every Thursday afternoon. 

Community Bingo

Tuesday & Wednesday was themed “What’s Your Path?”  That morning Marta led our spelling bee as she does every month, and included words that revolved around Rehab Week.  Marta enjoys holding spelling bee for the residents every month.  Our volunteer Joy Palmer assists Marta as well and is very much appreciated.  Intercom trivia was held throughout the day for staff and residents.  When they came up with the correct answer they received a prize.  All prizes were compliments of Rehab Care.  The day