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Elizabeth Denis who is the activity director at Collinsville Rehab facility is currently fighting breast cancer.  She had a double mastectomy last month and is doing well.  She is currently taking chemotherapy every three weeks.  Over the course of her therapy of chemo she becomes very sick but her determination to return to the residents here at Collinsville is sometimes unbelievable.  Her destination is truly the residents at this facility.  She has trimmed her hair, short as it is coming out in hand full’s.  She wears a cute little winter hat as to keep her head warm.

Elizabeth will require chemotherapy for at least a year and then follow up with radiation.  She always has a positive attitude even at her darkest day.  She always has a smile even when she wants to cry.  Elizabeth and her fiancé’ Robert Pitia have known each other for over a year.  They plan to wed on April 2, 2011 at the Collinsville Rehab home.

Jifi Jacob, past administrator of the Collinsville home and currently the administrator of Swansea Rehab Home, has graciously been asked and accepted to stand up for the couple.  The residents are excited for Elizabeth and Robert as they bring a piece of their life into the home of the residents who resides at Collinsville Rehab.