Sheldon Health Care Center

Sheldon Health Care Center held their Annual Sweetheart Dance at 6PM on 2/14/11. The King and Queen candidates were seated at the Head Table while residents and visitors enjoyed sweets/snacks and music by Bill Smhra. The Dining Room was decorated in red, pink and white, while balloons floated about the dance floor.

Ralph and Ruby Dewing were crowned the 2011 Sweetheart King & Queen as voted by all of the residents. Ralph and Ruby will be celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary on March 25, 2011.

Piper City

King & Queen

“Love Is In The Air” at Piper City Rehab & Living Center as staff and residents chose their King & Queen at a steak dinner enjoyed by residents and their spouses. This years winners were Joe Owen and Mary Knoll and what a lovely couple they made. Once Joe was able to speak after the surprise, he said ” I have never in my life had anything happen to me this great!’ As evidence by the big smile on Mary’s face, she was excited also.

They are pictured in front of our “Wall of Love” that has been a tradition here at Piper City Rehab for many years. There are 10 local schools that make and send valentines each year to our residents, complete with the resident’s name and a short message. Needless to say our walls are full as we receive around 4,000 greetings during this time. The residents enjoy finding their cards after they are hung. It truly is a “love affair” between the communities, the children, and our residents.

Willose Rose Rehab & Health Care

“Real Valentines”

Audrey and Jack Sebold are “Real Valentines. Married for 64 years, they were surprised and thanked the residents, staff, families, and friends for the many votes that titled them Jerseyville, Illinois “Willow Rose Rehab and Health Care’s 2011 Valentine Queen and King.” I asked if they would share the secret of a longlasting marriage such as theirs, they gave me this response: Audrey Sebold suggests that “Love and Humor’ are the keys, yet, “Jack” suggests “Being intimate almost daily is important: Almost Monday, Almost Tuesday, Almost Wednesday Etc.

They met early in life, Jack said in those days there were girls clubs and boys clubs. The boys decided to go visit the girls.  The girls were playing a game of crochet – (The Yard Game). “Well”, Began Jack, “Audrey was in front of me and she was moving’ pretty slow, so I tapped my mallat on her rear-end to help her move a little quicker. They dated off and on and eventually he enlisted in the army/air force in 1942. He then began dating Audrey’s best friend.

One Valentine’s Day, Jack received a valentine card from Audrey. He then proceeded to send a “Dear Jane” letter to Audrey’s Best Friend. Correspondence continued until he was discharged in November of 1945. He had called his mother to tell her he would be coming in on the train and to bring Audrey with her, his father and his sister. Jack paused to tell me his mother wasn’t very happy about this… when he touched the steps of the train, he saw his family awaiting at the bottom step, and Audrey 10 steps from them. Without realizing it, he walked past his parents into Audreys arms and greeted her with a big kiss. Their relationship blossomed thru the months and they were married on June 10th 1946.

They are the proud parents of 4 children: “Rick” Sebold, and David Sebold of Madison County, and Susan of Quincy. One son Michael is deceased. They are quite pleased to talk about their grandchildren. Audrey and Jack always tell each other “I Love You” and give a kiss before you fall a sleep. One word jack says that describes their marriage would be “Beautiful”.

Congratulations Willow Rose King and Queen, Jack and Audrey Sebold