Shawnee Rose Back to school supply drive.

School Supplies

HARRISBURG, IL – the generosity of local businesses and private citizens benefited many school children in our area.  For the past two weeks The Shawnee Rose Care Center staff has coordinated a township wide effort to provide school supplies to the East and West side schools. According to facility administrator Liza Dunn, “We’ve done several community support events before but, with a lot of support from our community, this one was a big success! We filled our van full of school supplies.”

The skilled rehabilitation and nursing facility was buzzing the past two weeks. “Our staff loves these types of events, so all hands were on deck” Dunn said. “Our van was busy picking up donations all over town.  Shawnee Rose provided supplies and our staff opened up their hearts and contributed supplies as well”.

The Shawnee Rose Care Center is located at 1000 W. Sloan in Harrisburg just across from the Sunset Lawn Cemetery. To see photos from the event go online at then click on “Photo Gallery”.



Piper City Fundraiser


 Piper City Fundraiser

Piper City Rehab held a fundraiser for their Christmas parties.  This Fundraiser was very unique, staff & friends put money in a jar with a managers’ face on it.   Whoever had the most money & the least money in their jar got a pie in the face.  It was a true competition to see and hear the jars jingle with money as staff would race to put money in someone else’s jar.  Pictured from left: Nancy Carpenter 1st place, most money, Pete Ramirez, we pied him because it sounded like a good idea, & Kathy Nichols, 2nd place, least money in her jar. Standing behind the pied faces are the ones who did the pie in the eye from left: Tiffany Briggs, Pete Bilotto, & Haley Nichols.



Employee of the Month


 Piper City Employee of the Month

Piper City Rehab Recognizes Angelica Wachtor as Employee of the Month of August.  Angelica is an R.N. and has recently been awarded the Director of Nurses Metal of Honor.  She is very passionate about her work and is dedicated to getting the job done!  Angelica lives in Cissna Park with her Husband and 2 adorable children. 






St. Jude fundraiser

 Arcola Health Care Center supports St. Jude’s

On Saturday, July 16th, AHCC held two events to benefit St. Jude’s Hospital.  Staff collected funds at the 4-way intersection as well as sold cotton candy and bottled water at a stand during “Market on the Prairie.”  The combined effort raised over $200.  AHCC and all Petersen Health Care facilities have supported St. Jude’s Hospital for over ten years in honor of Mark Petersen’s oldest daughter, Chloe, who was diagnosed with childhood kidney cancer when she was one year old.  Now at the age of 13, Chloe is in remission and an active teenager.  Pictured are the staff working at each site during the events.   



Arcola Recognizes Staff

 AHCC recognizes staff

In honor of National Nursing Assistants Week, Arcola Health Care Center recognized all C.N.As on July 8th with an appreciation party.  We are proud to honor all of our hard working, dedicated staff that provide direct care to the residents on a daily basis.  In keeping with the facility motto, our staff are “making a difference in the lives of others” each day.     




Line Dancing Group


 Courtyard Estates of Canton Line Dancing

Courtyard Estates of Canton offers line dancing every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The classes are free and open to the community. Line Dancing promotes physical health for our aging population as a form of exercise. The benefits of line dancing include lower blood pressure & cholesterol levels, increases balance control & centering, increases bone mass & muscle, eases levels of depression and increases mobility without joint damage.




Other Canton Illinois Events:

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