Courtyard Estates of Walcott 100th Birthday Party

100th Birthday

Monmouth, Ill. — The world has come a long way since Albert Harris was born 100 years ago on Aug. 7, 1912.

Harris celebrated his centennial birthday Tuesday at his Monmouth home in Courtyard Estates.

“I’ve done everything you can think of,” Harris said.

When asked for words of wisdom, Harris replied, “Don’t smoke, don’t drink. I never did either. I think it paid off.”

Harris married Lucille Parrish, of Cameron, in 1938. At the time, Harris had $7.50 to his name, and bread was just a nickel a loaf.

“I asked her out on a date and she turned me down,” Harris said.

Lucky for Albert, she eventually said yes…

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Legacy Estates of Monmouth

Monmouth, Ill. — Audrey Irons is of a generation of women who went to work during the Great Depression.

But for Irons, a lifelong citizen of Monmouth and an enthusiastic Cubs fan, the joy of life has been found in play.

Some of her fondest memories are of playing softball and swing dancing with her late husband, Raymond Irons, who passed away in 1989. Audrey and Raymond were married nearly 60 years.

Audrey (Themanson) Irons was born Aug. 17, 1912, the oldest of six children, in Monmouth to first generation Swedish-American parents. One of her brothers died tragically at the age of 6, when he was hit by a car.

Irons’ father was a painter and paper-hanger. He made time to introduce Audrey to one of her favorite past times – playing softball….

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