Petersen Health Care is delighted to announce that Cisne Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, one of Petersen Health Care communities located in Cisne IL, has received a deficiency-free survey from the Illinois Department of Public Health. The survey is a requirement for the facility’s annual certification and licensure, and they were found to be 100% in compliance with state regulations for all aspects of nursing care.

 The Illinois Department of Public Health conducts inspections, called surveys, which are designed to evaluate the fitness and adequacy of the nursing home, its equipment, staff, policies, procedures and finances. On average, inspections occur once every 12 months and are conducted without notice to the facility. Surveys are generally conducted on-site while specific areas of care, including resident rights, activities, care plans, dietary services, housekeeping, staffing, quality of care, and quality assurance are evaluated.

Administrator Pam Mix-Bissey commented she was especially proud that the efforts of her facility in the area of culture change were recognized by the survey team. Culture change represents a fundamental shift in thinking about long term care homes. Facilities are viewed, not as health care institutions, but as person-centered homes offering long-term care services. Residents are given more choices and are encouraged to make their own decisions about things personally affecting them.

“This deficiency-free survey demonstrates the high level of service, quality and responsive resident care that is provided by Cisne Rehabilitation & Health Care Center and all our skilled nursing communities 365 days a year,” said Mark Petersen, Owner of Petersen Health Care. “We are extremely proud of this recognition and our dedicated, hard-working team of professionals who provide unparalleled care here and at Cisne Rehabilitation & Health Care Center.”

About Cisne Rehabilitation & Health Care Center:
Cisne Rehabilitation & Health Care Center is a deficiency-free skilled nursing facility providing quality and compassionate short-term rehabilitation and long-term care. Our 35-bed facility, offers a beautiful setting in a home-like atmosphere. Cisne Rehabilitation & Health Care Center accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurance. For more information, please call (618) 673-2177 or visit

Cisne Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

Cisne Rehabilitation & Health Care Center Deficiency-Free Survey