The Spirit of Christmas is truly alive at Aledo Rehabilitation and Health Care Center. A Christmas tree was donated to the facility to be set up in one of the family rooms. The donating family is a local husband and wife. The wife has lived at the facility on the Bridges unit for a little over a year. The couple has been married for many years starting out as high school sweethearts. The husband visits her every day and has touched every staff member. This tree was the last one to be assembled in the building and so two c.n.a.’s Atti Owen and Ruth Lindstrom took time at the end of their shift to put the tree up. While pulling the tree out of a box, they noticed something else other than a tree. It was the diamond ring pictured above. They immediately removed the ring and secured it until it could be returned. The husband was given the ring first thing upon coming to see his wife and burst into tears “This is her ring, it has been missing for over two years, it is worth more than $4,000”. The Christmas spirit is truly shining on the residents, staff and family members of Aledo Rehabilitation this season.


Santa is coming to town!! Aledo is bracing for Santa’s arrival tonight with a tree decorating contest and parade. This year’s theme was “Miracle of Christmas”.  Pictured above is the tree decorated by our facility members. As we took the picture, bells could be heard above along with a jolly laugh. We Believe!! Happy holidays!!