LaHarpe Davier Health Care Center

Resident Flo Bowen had 18 family members join her that evening.

We held our annual Rehab Reunion and Fall Family Night in September 2012. It was the perfect fall day to get together with family and friends. Every year we honor those residents that have came to our facility for rehabilitation and then was able to return home. Our Rehab Care program offers physical, occupational and speech therapies. We estimated around over 100 people that attended our enjoyable evening. We held several drawings that evening including a quilt raffle. We gave away 3 beautiful fall mums and a handmade quilt made by one of our very own nurses, Kelly Carnes. The quilt was raffled to raise money for our activity department. Congratulations to those that won the prizes. All of our family nights are open to family and friends of the community. Our entertainment for the evening was a Christian band from Dallas City named “Carban.” They perform in Dallas City and in surrounding areas. Some of our residents recognized a few of the performers that evening because they were from that area. Everyone enjoyed themselves as they always do when visiting at LaHarpe Davier Health Care Center. Our staff worked very hard throughout the day as they always do to make it extra special for our families. Our dietary department served a delicious meal that consisted of grilled burgers and brats, baked beans, pasta salad, rolls, and cake for dessert. A special thanks to Rodney Cratsenberg for saying the evening prayer before dinner was served. Our family members are very dedicated to their loved ones and are always willing to help out where they can. Janie Irish’s, resident, two daughters that joined us that evening stuck around afterwards to help clean up and arrange all the furniture back to where it was. They are two very kind women that we see often and we thank them for their hard work as well as everyone who was involved making this night special. Everyone will have to join us again in November for our annual Wreath Auction being held on November 15th!

El Paso Health Care Center

El Paso Health Care Center ST. Jude Fundraiser

On September 6,7,8th of 2012 we hosted our annual St. Jude Fundraiser. We had a stand at the Cornfest a big annual event in El Paso Health Care Center.  We sold chances on raffles and sold rib eye sandwiches and chips and H2O.   All staff helped  with manning the booth and we were in the parade on Saturday giving out water and candy.  It was a great event to help St.Jude and to get involved with the community. 






Halloween at El Paso Health Care Center

On October 24th we had our annual Halloween dress up party and dance.  The residents got there costumes judged, enjoyed appetizers, and enjoyed the dance.  Rosy Tracy the Activities Director organized the whole event. Prizes were donated by Harbor Light Hospice.  The residents enjoyed the Spooky event .







Getting ready for the Thanksgiving Feast at El Paso Health Care Center

On November 15th we hosted a Huge Thanksgiving feast for our residents and their families.  It is a simple way for us to say Thank you for putting your loved ones in our hands.  WE had door prizes of pans of cinnamon rolls donated by CRC Kristyn Durre. Lance Tossell administrator started the evening out with a warm welcome to everyone one and the Activates assistant followed with a Thanksgiving Prayer. We had a Christmas room set up with a bunch of Homemade baked goods and raffles donated by a variety of people. Proceeds going to staff Christmas party.  All families enjoyed the evening and we had many compliments about our care at El Paso Health Care Center.



Flanagan Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

On October 5th we at Flanagan Rehabilitation and Healthcare participated in the Homecoming Parade at the school.  We handed out plastic footballs and ice scrapers. We decorated the van and had walkers and a golf cart.  Everyone enjoyed the parade and fun was had by all.

St. Jude Fundraiser Bake Sale

On September 9th we held our annual St. Jude fundraiser for Petersen Healthcare. We had a delicious meal prepared by Kathy Schopp and the dietary department. We had Spaghetti,Salad,garlic bread and dessert. We raised over $1200 profit.  We had many donations donated for our event and also held a bake sale. We then raffled them off. We had a huge turnout and sold over 100 tickets before event even happened.  A great event to help St. Jude = SUCCESS






Basket Bingo at Flanagan Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

On November 4th we held a chili Basket Bingo event.  The kitchen prepared Chili and dessert and played Basket Bingo.  Many staff at Flanagan Rehabilitation & Health Care Center donated Baskets. All proceeds went for the residents Christmas.  We raised over $750. Enough for all residents to have a gift and a karaoke machine for the activities Department.







Piper City Rehab & Living Center

Tree Decorating at Courtyard Estates of Piper City

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Courtyard Estates of Piper City.  The Christmas spirit came early for the tenants of Courtyard Estates this year, from shining tree lights and Santa’s helpers placing bright ornaments throughout their home.  Pictured in front of the tree is Beryl Irwin, then from left is Shirley Keefe, Margaret Rock, Margie Savarese, Carolyn Holyoke, Aileen Kemnetz, and Jerry Rebholz. We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!  God Bless you all!




Piper City Rehab & Living Center

Piper City Rehab & Living Center’s Veterans were blessed by local school children on Monday.  Pictured standing around Gerry Haberkorn from left is Kaila Mansfield, Peyton Richie, and Nicole Arwood all of Piper City. They came and visited our Veterans and gave handmade gifts thanking them for their years of service.  It’s comforting to to know that our children are honoring our Veterans and are aware of what our Great Country is about.  God Bless our Veterans!!