Legacy Estates of Monmouth

Legacy Estates of Monmouth receive an honorable mention during the testimonial contest for SLF Week. The testimonial is below:

Ten years ago, the mere suggestion; however well meaning, would appall me that at age eighty, I could leave my lovely home, live with “old people”, and eventually find peace, contentment, and a different kind of happiness.  When my husband passed away, my 45 years of teaching Spanish became a burdensome chore.  I needed a change.  Since coming to Legacy Estates four years ago, I have found not only security, but new friendships, new activities, and a different life style. 

Employees and care-givers have assisted in ways to create a homelike atmosphere.  The cozy fireplace in the “parlor” has brightened the day or night and helped to abolish the feeling of “being alone”. 

My family has been comforted in knowing that I am finding new ways to be positive while leaving behind old worries and unnecessary concerns.  Their feeling free to spend a night with me, sharing meals in the dining-room or taking part in planning my new way of life have been comforting for us all.  Because of Legacy’s care and encouragement, I can still swing at a piñata at almost 91 years old. 

I am thankful for Legacy Estates and for those who give of themselves to make our time here a positive experience.