Jean Harvick Act. Dir/SS, Alicia Bailey Act. Asst, Tina Gooding Administrator and Kathy McKinney DON are all looking groovy at the Party.

On Thursday, January 20, 2011 the Staff and Residents of Sheldon Health Care Center celebrated a “Hippie Affair.”

Staff and residents were encouraged to dress in their “Hippie” best, and spent the afternoon celebrating the 1960’s. Everyone had a wonderful time recalling memories from that era. They played several games identifying songs and phrases that were popular in the 60’s. They snacked on foods that were introduced in the 60’s and enjoyed a tie-died cake. There was plenty of  Sixties music and karaoke available as well.

Helping the Residents

Jean Harvick, Act. Director assists Florence Watts with one of the games as Jean Wilkinson and Ralph Dewing look on.