Tuscola Health Care Center

On Behalf of myself an the family and friends of Marilyn Adams, I would like to thank you and your staff for the high level of care provided for her. When my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I knew that putting mom into a nursing facility was inevitable. I was living in a state of shock while I tried to figure out how we were going to take care of mom after dad passed away. I researched and visited every nursing home and assisted living facility in Champaign County. The one thing I remember the most was that when I left the Tuscola Health Care Center after speaking with you (Tom Stephenson) and Pam, it was the first time I had smiled in months. I felt that I had finally found a solution that I could live with. When dad passed, there were no openings in your facility. I put moms name on the waiting list and we found an assisted living facility that thought they could take care of her. It was obvious right away that this was not going to last, as mom required more care than they were capable of providing. I was holding my breath, waiting for the call to come and get her when I received a call from Pam stating that you had an opening for mom. When we moved her in, I remember you told me that you were not perfect, but that you would give her the best care you could. You were right. While not perfect, I think mom was as happy and well cared for as she could have been, given the circumstances. I believe that the staff cared for her and treated her as someone’s mother, not just another “thing” to deal with. While there are some things I would have done differently, entrusting my beloved mother to the care of you and your staff is not one of them. For that, words alone cannot say enough.


Family Member of Tuscola Health Care Center

Short Story by Courtyard Estates of Bushnell

I just wanted to tell you a neat story that perhaps you may want the family to put in writing for a testimonial.  Last Friday I got a fax from A  Place for Mom.  (Regardless of the locations desired in Illinois I call to get Courtyard Estates of Bushnell name in.)  This particular fax was a family wanting to place their Mom in the Chicago area.  They live in New York City and due to family differences they were looking at Chicago or Las Vegas  for a place for their Mother to live.  I called the daughter in-law and talked for over 2 hours with her on the phone  Friday afternoon about our great facility.  I told her to call me at home over the weekend if she had any further questions.  Well that sealed the deal…. she sent someone from northern Illinois here to little ole Bushnell on Sunday to see if what I really was saying was how it really was.  IT WAS!  Long story short one hour ago I  just admitted Ms Kathy Burton who flew in with her family from New York City !

The children said that when I gave them my home phone number and I actually answered  Saturday and Sunday night it sealed the deal.  They new that when I said I run this place like a 5 star resort it had to be true and the mystery tour backed it up!  The son said “Kassie, when you said to call you at home 24 /7 with questions we couldn’t believe it… we aren’t nice like that in New York. You were so welcoming and we all wanted to move in with you and we didn’t even know you or your facility “..haha!

The moral of the story is….. don’t overlook those faxes!  Don’t assume you are not in the right location.   I just proved it wrong!  :)  Answer that phone no matter what is going on in your personal life.  Someone out there needs you and its much more important then what you are probably doing on your “off time”.  Don’t ever believe that Chicago, New York City or Vegas tops the charts for desired locations cause Bushnell Illinois population 8800 just beat them out!

Kassie Courson – Director
Courtyard Estates of Bushnell