Happy Halloween from Everyone at Piper City Rehab & Living Center! We had several visitors today with some very neat costumes.  Pictured are a few of the staff of Piper City.  Kneeling from left is Joni Graham of Piper City, Cyra Kennedy of Piper City Rehab & Living Center. Standing from left is Emily Paulis holding Presley the Bumble bee of Piper City, Nancy Hendrichs of Crescent City, Angelica Wachtor of Cissna Park, and Cathy Smith (Mama of the Bumble Bee Pooch) of Watseka.  A special thanks goes to the Tri-Point school for allowing their Pre-K & Kindergarten classes come down all dressed up and sing for us.  Pictured is  Resident Lorraine Adams passing candy Edward Scissor Hands (Sammy Darda of Piper) & to the kids lined up ready to Trick or Treat!