Robings Manor

Robings Manor King & Queen

Robings Manor King & Queen

Robings Manor Nursing Home of Brighton, IL crowned its annual king and queen Thursday, February 14, 2013, Valentine’s Day.  The winners this year were Mr. Jess “Bud” Foley (King), of Wood River, IL and Mrs. Mattie Wilson (Queen), of Alton, IL. 

There were three candidates on both sides vying to be crowned.  Those running for queen were Mrs. Mattie Wilson, Alton, IL, Mrs. Lillian Hedges, Wood River, IL and Mrs. Virginia Bennett, Brighton, IL.  Those running for king were Mr. Jess Foley, Wood River, IL, Mr. William Nelson, Brighton, IL and Mr. John Elston, Godfrey, IL.  The candidate raising the most money was crowned king and queen.  “We raised more money this year than we have ever raised, thanks to the support of our families,” stated Mrs. Janie Johnson, Interim Activity Director at Robings.

 Mr. Foley, 92, was born in Tucson, AZ and grew up in Mt. Home, AR and Jerseyville, IL.  He moved to Wood River after retiring from AO Smith, where he worked as a welder for 25 years.  Mr. Foley is a World War II Veteran and also earned the rank of Sergeant in the Army Air Corp, serving in England and Iceland.  Mr. Foley and his wife enjoyed travelling in their leisure, which he continued after her death.  He is the father of 1 son and 3 daughters, 9 grandchildren, 26 great, grandchildren, and I great, great grandchildren.  Mr. Foley has been a resident of Robings Manor for 1 year.

 Mrs. Mattie Wilson, 90, was born in Jackson, TN and raised on her father’s farm.  She was married in 1936 to the late Jim Wilson and that union produced 11 children.  The Wilson’s moved to Alton, IL in 1941.  Mrs. Wilson was an exemplary homemaker and was active in several church auxiliaries until her failing health, at Greater St. James Baptist Church.  Of those activities, she truly loved teaching Sunday school and singing in the choir.  She was always helping others in the community.  In addition to Mrs. Wilson’s 12 children (she claimed James Holloway), she has 38 grandchildren, 49 great, grandchildren, and 32 great, great grandchildren.  Mrs. Wilson has been a resident of Robings Manor for 1 year.

 Mrs. Sue Shaw, Administrator of Robings Manor, “I would like to thank the staff of Robings Manor, family members, and the community for all you’ve done, not only for this activity, but all fund raising events.  The money earned will be used to fund outdoor activities; such as the Eagle watching activity scheduled February 25, 2013.” 

Flanagan Rehabilitation & Health Care

Community Luncheon at Flanagan

Community Luncheon at Flanagan

We host a community luncheon every month on the 2nd Thursday of The month at Noon. It is a free Community luncheon with a guest speaker. The Dietary Department led by Kathy Schopp cooks a delicious home cooked meal.  We have had many guest speakers ranging from our Pathways program to our wound care.  We had our largest turnout yet of 50 people. It was a valentines dinner with Greg Green administrator leading with a prayer and Community Relations Coordinator talking about all the upcoming events. .

Also at Flanagan Rehabilitation & Health Care…

Every year we host a Valentines dinner for all our residents and a special couples dinner.  We served choice of  Butterfly Shrimp, Stuffed Pork chop, Pepper jack Bacon Chicken breast served with choice of Potato cracker barrel potatoes, Mashed w/ Gravy or baked Potato and for the veggies green beans w/ bacon and onion or broccoli w/ cheese. Do drink they enjoyed sparking wine in a wine glass. The Dietary department served homemade salads and homemade desserts.  We at Flanagan Rehabilitation are known for the OUTSTANDING food.  A great time was had by all and many pictures were taken like it was prom.

El Paso Health Care

El Paso Health Care Center enjoyin the pool.

El Paso Health Care Center enjoying the pool.

At El Paso Health Care we take our residents swimming every 2nd and 4th Thursday afternoon.  Kristyn Durre Community Relations Coordinator donating a 6 month pass to Flanagan Memorial Pool that she won. The residents at El Paso have enjoyed diving, playing volleyball, and just plain relaxing.







El Paso Health Care held a sweetheart dance

El Paso Health Care held a sweetheart dance.

On Valentines Day 2013 we at El Paso Health Care held a sweetheart dance for the residents from 6-8pm.  Rosy Tracy Activities Director and her husband set up their music system and played music and DJ’ed.  We played all sorts of music anywhere from Country to the Chicken dance.  Appetizers and refreshments were enjoyed by all. There were prizes given for best dancer and most dancing done.( picture of residents dancing)






Watseka Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

Watseka Rehabilitation & Health Care King & Queen

Watseka Rehabilitation & Health Care King & Queen

The Watseka Rehab & Healthcare Center Annual Sweetheart Dance was held Saturday, February 16th from 2:00p-4:00p. This year’s event theme was “Mardi Gras”. Entertainment was provided by Jesse Hawkins & Steve Montana.

The 2012 King & Queen were Diane Houmes and Hartley Rowe. This year’s court included Diane Homes, Lorene McNeil, Bonita Poss, Jeff Brandt and Greg Hankey.

This year’s 2013 King & Queen were Lorene McNeil and Jeff Brandt. 1st runners up were Bonita Poss and Greg Hankey.  We would like wish a special congratulations to Queen Lorene McNeil and King Jeff Brandt!