National Nursing Home Week

Of all the Nursing homes of its Kind in this state,
This is the best, highly rated and great!
The Staff works very hard to take care of me,
With my needs met so I can be more steady.

Each Day I am thankful for answered prayers,
As most everyone here encourages and shares,
Their stories so I may be free
So I can open my mind and truly see.

Coming to places that provided “special” care
Sometimes made me easily scare.
When I came here I felt at ease instantly,
And knew this felt like home and happy I’d be.

So if you find yourself with “special” needs
Let El Paso Health Care Center stand up to its creeds.
Come to this facility you’ll feel safe that’s true,
Participate in the groups offered and you’ll be a new you.

By Neta J Blackburn.

Administrative Assistant’s (Secretary’s) Day

Today is Administrative Assistant’s Day,
A time for recognition and for all to say
Thanks for all you do to help us,
Even though we may not know what to discuss.

You help the administrator’s staff meet their needs,
For we know what you do helps others succeed.
You care about us too as you pass us by,
Whether you are a lady or a guy.

We are thankful for this day that honors you,
For you are the best in all that you do.
Open the windows and hear the bells ring,
Enjoy this joyous day and all it may bring.

By Neta J Blackburn.