Courtyard Estates of Peoria

Courtyard Estates of Peoria

Peoria, Illinois Courtyard Estates of Peoria celebrated Father’s Day with a Western twist. Residents dressed in their western attire and sported cowboy hats for their Father’s Day bbq. It was a fun-filled day as family and friends enjoyed a western movie marathon in the theater room and horses galloping about the supported living community.

 “The residents really got involved. They were all dressed up, cowboy hats and everything!” stated Libby Vrabel, Event Coordinator for Courtyard Estates of Peoria. “Everybody really had a lot of fun. I think the part they enjoyed the most was our Maintenance Director, Kevin, cooking out for them. The food was great!”

 What could make the event even better? EZ Dreaming Therapeutic Equine Services brought in horses to the affordable assisted living facility for the western father’s day festivities. The horses, Cooper and Hope, brought smiles to all as they visited with the residents throughout the building. Therapeutic animals provide positive emotional and physical comfort to people of all ages. Animals are able to reduce stress, loneliness, and pain. The animal’s willingness to accept all brings increased self-confidence and self-esteem. Many times animals can spark old memories or bring others back to reality.

 “They aren’t bringing horses into the building” stated Martha, Courtyard Estates of Peoria resident, in disbelief. Her eyes lit up as the horses entered the building and a big smile spread across her face as she ran her fingers through the horse’s mane.

 “It was such a neat thing to witness. The resident’s couldn’t believe their eyes when the horses came through the front door” stated Amanda Hendricks, Executive Director for Courtyard Estates of Peoria “We know we have accomplished providing the best experience for our residents when the lobby is full of smiling residents excited to join in the festivities”

 EZ Dreamin offers a wide range of services including those services in which Courtyard Estates of Peoria took advantage of.  For more information about EZ Dreamin Therapeutic Equine Services visit. or contact Kellie Branch-Dircks, LCSW at (309) 696-7184.

 Courtyard Estates of Peoria – Supportive Living Facility, a 100 apartment facility for seniors, provides area seniors with professional, compassionate services while helping promote independence. Courtyard Estates of Peoria offers private apartment living that includes 24 hour response staff, housekeeping and laundry services, maintenance services, 3 chef inspired meals daily, an Active Lifestyles Program and utilities all at no extra charge.

 For more information, please contact Ashley Steward at Courtyard Estates of Peoria at 309-674-2400 or