Rochelle Gardens Care Center

Job Summary

The Social Service Director will assist in planning, developing, organizing, implementing and directing social service programs in accordance with current existing federal, state and local standards as well as our established policies and procedures in order to assure that the medically related emotional and social needs of the resident are met and maintained on an individual basis.


  1. Be of legal working age
  2. Be able to read and follow written directions
  3. Be able to communicate with residents and co-workers in English
  4. Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, residents, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel and the general public.
  5. Work overtime is necessary
  6. General knowledge and understanding of state and federal regulations as they pertain to long term care


  1. General Duties
    1. Provide consultation to member of our staff, community agencies, etc. in the efforts to solve the needs and problems of the resident though the development of social service programs
    2. Develop and maintain a good working rapport with other departments within the facility and outside community health, welfare and social agencies to assure that social service programs can be properly maintained to meet the needs of the residents
    3. Perform charting as necessary
    4. Record and maintain regular Social Service progress notes indicating response to the treatment plan and/or adjustments
    5. Assist in making appointments for the resident/family as requested or appropriate
    6. Evaluate social and family information and assist in determining plan for social treatment
    7. Work with emotional problems including assisting resi