Palm Terrace of Mattoon

Job Summary: The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Coordinator (PRSC) is responsible and accountable for the services programs on his/her assigned caseload. He/she will act as the case manager and be identified as the staff member to whom the resident primarily relates for the coordination of services. The PRSC will assess, develop a Plan of Care and oversee the psychiatric programming of the residents to ensure needs and goals are being met. The PRSC will, if deemed appropriate by the Plan of Care, assist the residents in discharge planning. The PRSC will report directly to the Director of Behavioral Services.

Qualifications: The PRSC shall meet one of the following qualifications: (1) Possess a Bachelor’s Degree in a human services field (including but not limited to sociology, special education, rehabilitation counseling or psychology) and have a minimum of one year of supervised experience in mental health or human services; (2) An individual who is employed at a licensed nursing home in a capacity similar to that of a PRSC and who has at least five years experience in that capacity may petition the Department for approval to continue to act in said role even if the individual does not possess a Bachelor’s Degree in human services.


  1. There shall be a PRSC for each thirty (30) residents.  Caseloads will be determined by the Director.
  2. Provide the resident with a stable therapeutic relationship.