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Courtyard Estates of Bradford

PURPOSE: Maintain all building, equipment, systems and grounds in good, safe and presentable condition. Conduct a preventative maintenance program for all mechanical, signal, fire alarm and suppression, and other systems. Solicitation of repair/replace, construction and other bids from contractors for presentation to the Director is expected


  • Must be able to read, write and speak English.
  • Must have experience in building maintenance
  • Must have general knowledge for trouble shooting, electrical, plumbing, signal, fire alarm and fire suppression systems.
  • Must have basic knowledge of carpentry, painting and mechanical repair is expected.
  • Must have ability to solicit, analyze and recommend contractor bids
  • Must be able to organize and schedule work and keep repair records


  • Able to speak and write English well
  • Able to work independently
  • Demonstrate freedom from communicable diseases/Tuberculosis
  • Cleared record according to Illinois Abuse Registry
  • Provide physical examination signed by physician

DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: This profile is intended to summarize the position’s general duties and requirements, it is not intended to be inclusive of every possible job assignment.

  • Maintain emergency systems in functional status at all times—call lights, fire alarm, sprinkler, door alarms, heating and air conditioning units
  • Implement preventative maintenance program and recommends new and revise programs
  • Maintain the building in good, safe repair
  • Regularly inspect and maintain electrical, signaling, mechanical, plumbing, and heating, cooling and fire protection systems
  • Maintain hot water temps between 100 and 110 degrees F
  • Protect the portable water supply from contamination by use of anti back flow devise
  • Maintain furniture fixtures and furnishings in a lean, safe, attractive and repaired manner
  • Responsible for proper disposal of medical and potentially infectious and hazardous waste
  • Deal with contractors to solicit, compare and recommend bids to the Director
  • Operate within facility budget