Courtyard Estates of Walcott

The Maintenance Person maintains all building, equipment, systems and grounds in good, safe and presentable condition.  He/she conducts a preventative maintenance program for all mechanical, signal, fire alarm and suppression and other systems.  The solicitation of repair/replace construction and other bids from contractor for presentation to the Director and Corporate Maintenance Director is expected.


  1. Be of legal working age
  2. Be able to read and follow written directions
  3. Be able to communicate with tenants and co-workers in English
  4. Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, tenants, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel and the general public.
  5. Work overtime if necessary
  6. Must possess a general knowledge and understanding of state and federal laws as they pertain to long term care
  7. Experience in building maintenance
  8. General knowledge of the Trades necessary for trouble shooting electrical, plumbing, signal, fire alarm and fire suppression systems
  9. Basic knowledge of carpentry, painting and mechanical repair is expected
  10. The ability to solicit, analyze and recommend contractor bids is needed
  11. Must be able to organize and schedule work and keep repair records


Administrative duties

    1. Maintains the facility in compliance with all Life Safety Codes.
    2. Maintains emergency systems in functional status at all times (call lights, oxygen concentrators, fire alarm, sprinkler system, door alarms, etc.)
    3. Implements preventative maintenance programs
    4. Regularly inspects and maintains electrical, signaling, mechanical, plumbing, heating, cooling and pr