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Courtyard Estates of Walcott


1. Assessments

  • Assist in the completion of the nursing admission assessment on admission or assigned residents
  • Utilizes the admission assessment for information in caring for each resident as assigned
  • Makes appropriate situation decisions with information received from assessments
  • Participates in the identification of problems on assigned residents

2. Planning

  • Assists in developing an interdisciplinary and nursing care plan on each assigned admission based on nursing assessments and identification of nursing problems.
  • Reviews physician orders on assigned residents prior to care
  • Encourages participation of residents/families in plans of care

3. Implementation

  • Executes procedures consistent with interdisciplinary nursing care plans, the regulatory manual and the Petersen Health Care Policy and Procedures Manuals that are within the scope of the role of the LPN
  • Provides appropriate basic physical care to assigned residents
  • Administers p.o., sq, IM and topically administered medication with knowledge and understanding
  • Performs first aid measures in emergency situations and assists the RN as directed
  • Performs various nursing interventions as indicated, i.e., dressings, treatments, tube feedings, and suctioning, etc.
  • Assists with admissions, transfers and discharge of residents
  • Maintains order in resident’s rooms and other work areas