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Rochelle Gardens Care Center

Rochelle Gardens Care Center is a skilled nursing center situated in a park-like setting in Rochelle, IL. We are dedicated to assisting the elderly population in maintaining the highest possible quality of life. We believe in and are committed to providing a homelike environment where the individuality of each person is recognized, encouraged and respected. Our nursing team consists of compassionate, well-educated professionals whose skills and experience are focused on meeting the total care needs of our residents. Our nursing staff is continually updated and trained on the most progressive treatment options available.

1. Be of legal working age
2. Be able to read and follow written directions
3. Be able to communicate with residents and co-workers in English
4. Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, residents, family members, visitors,
government agencies/personnel and the general public.
5. General knowledge and understanding of state and federal regulations as they pertain to long term care
7. Completion of the Certified Nurses Aide course or be enrolled in a Competency Training Program leading to certification in less than 120 days form the date of employment

1. Communication-Communicates pertinent information regarding resident care throughout the tour of duty and at change of shift to the responsible nurse in a manner that demonstrates a positive and cooperative attitude
Records all nursing procedures and basic care on appropriate forms

2. Resident Care Process
a. Assessment-Makes appropriate decisions regarding notifying the nurse responsible for the resident
b. Planning-Plans organization of assignment in order to complete assignment in a timely fashion

3. Implementation-Executes procedures consistent with interdisciplinary care plan, Petersen Health Care Procedure Manuals and that are within the scope of the role of the C.N.A.
a. Carries out basic hygiene measures including but not limited to the following: grooming, shaving, applying make-up, oral hygiene/dental care, cuts/cleans nails, fingers and toes, foot care, skin care, bathing/showering and cleaning incontinent residents.
b. Turns and positions residents to prevent pressure areas
c. Assists with standing, lifting, transferring and ambulating residents
d. Gives and removes bed pans, urinals and performs Foley care
e. Measures temperature, radial pulse, respiration and blood pressure
f. Distributes nourishment, feeds residents and records % of dietary intake
g. Assists with admission, transfer and discharges of residents
h. Collects specimens – urine, feces and sputum
i. Measures and records fluid intake and output
j. Maintains appropriate supplies of gloves and other personal protective equipment
k. Assists in dressing, buttoning, typing and snaps
l. Assists in organizing residents drawers, closets and rooms
m. Cleans residents jewelry as needed or upon request
n. Verifies that all dentures, glasses and personal items are marked with proper resident’s
o. Cleans wheelchairs and Geri-chairs on a regular basis and as needed
p. Passes ice water and assists residents with hydration
q. Answers call lights
r. Assists the nurse or physician with minor treatments and procedures as assigned
s. Provides postmortem care

4. Provides for the safety and security needs of the resident by:
a. Making frequent checks on residents and responding to the resident’s call for assistance
in a timely and appropriate manner
b. Giving appropriate explanations
c. Maintaining communication devices (nurse call light, TV and telephone and other such

5. Utilizes techniques of infection control such as:
a. Frequent hand washing
b. Standard precautions and disease specific precautionary techniques
c. Provides for the psycho-social needs of residents
d. Listens to and hears resident and family anxieties and relays this information to the nurse