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Shangri-La Rehab & Living Center

As a Certified Medical Technician (CMT) , you are responsible for providing routine nursing care in accordance with established policies and procedures.You are directly making a difference in the lives of the patient under our care.


  • Current MO Certification

Responsibilities include:

  • Fulfill the needs of the residents
  • Observing resident conditions
  • Promoting good health
  • Other duties may include but are not limited to: taking vital signs, moving residents, assisting nurses with their responsibilities, feeding patients, and monitoring food and liquid input and output.
  • Accurately assist with medications of each individual
  • Ensure consistency between the physician prescriptions, blister packs and medications for each resident
  • Ensure timely and accurate medication orders and medication renewals
  • Review medication refill log to compare with medication in storage cabinets
  • Review of “no-refill” orders in the refill log and faxing of requests to MDs
  • Review of receipt,storage and documentation of medications delivered
  • Communicate with the Medication Supervisor to clarify and ensure entitlements, prescriptions, and deliveries
  • Maintain medical and medication information on all residents in their designated file
  • Report residents who missed or refused medications to supervisor and case management