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Mason Point

Job Summary:

The Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) performs those duties and responsibilities assigned by the Director of Nursing (DON) for administering nursing services and implementing resident care programs. He/she shall reform the duties of the DON when the DON is on vacation or extended sick leave.



  1. Be of legal working age
  2. Be able to read and follow written directions
  3. Be able to communicate with residents and co-workers in English
  4. Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with personnel, residents, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel and the general
  5. Work overtime is necessary
  6. Must possess a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of state and federal regulations as they pertain to long term care
  7. Current license in good standing in the state in which the facility is located



  1. Administration
    1. Assists in the supervision and administration of the Nursing
    2. Works shifts as a floor nurse in order to fill vacancies due to call-offs or to decrease excessive overtime within the department
    3. Identifies and studies nursing service problems and assists in solving
    4. Assists in ordering supplies and
    5. Cooperates with other departments to assure smooth delivery of resident
    6. Advises and consults with the Director of Nursing and Administrator on resident
  2. Supervisory
    1. Directly supervises the implementation of resident care through daily observation of licensed and certified nursing staff.
    2. Reviews resident records to insure implementation of physician orders, lab requirements and consultant
    3. Insures nursing department charting is
    4. Assists in orientation and instruction of
    5. Supervises charge nurses, staff nurses and Certified Nurses
  3. Resident Care and Services
    1. Directly supervises resident care by oversight of program implementation by charge nurses, staff nurses and Certified Nurses
    2. Assists in assessment, evaluation, updating and charting on various programs (restraint reduction, anti-psychotic medication reduction, bowel and bladder, health and fitness, therapies, restorative, rehabilitative, )
    3. Assists in developing and updating individual Care
    4. Participates in interdisciplinary care plan
    5. Reviews and oversees daily and monthly nursing department
    6. Charts in official records as required.
    7. Reviews MARS’s
    8. Provides backup for charge nurse floor
    9. Takes call when necessary to backup Director of


  1. Communication Skills
    1. Communicates with residents/families in a sensitive manner
    2. Communicates pertinent information and seeks assistance regarding resident care as
    3. Contributes in a constructive manner in staff meetings and Resident Care Conferences
    4. Consistently communicates in a manner that demonstrates a positive and cooperative attitude
    5. Utilizes appropriate and professional body language
    6. Demonstrates receptively through active listening
    7. Consistently records on concurrent basis all observations, nursing interventions, medications and their effects and teaching activities indicated within the role of the RN in the medical record and other forms as appropriate
  2. Role Involvement
    1. Performs responsibilities under the direction of the Director of Nursing in a cooperative
    2. Uses time constructively and organizes assignments for maximum productivity
    3. Participates in the orientation of nursing staff. Acts as a role model to these personnel
    4. Attends staff meetings and in-servicing
    5. Offers constructive suggestions to improve the system for delivery of nursing care
    6. Requests and accepts constructive criticism regarding own nursing judgment or actions
    7. Identifies and utilizes appropriate lines of authority within the organizational
    8. Manages conflict and frustrations in a positive and constructive manner
  3. Role Development
    1. Demonstrates support of the philosophy of the nursing department by adhering to policies, procedures and established standards of nursing practice
    2. Maintains current knowledge in present nursing practice area, i.e. attendance of ongoing educational programs and continuing education
    3. Demonstrates responsibility for own standards of practice
      1. Reports to work as scheduled and on time
      2. Adheres to facility policy regarding absenteeism
  • Avoids work related injuries through the application of proper practice techniques
  1. Assumes responsibility for personal appearance through the Petersen Health Care dress code
  2. Demonstrates respect for residents rights by:
    1. Maintaining strict confidentiality of resident’s information
    2. Responding to their right to information
  • Acting as a resident advocate
  1. Providing for their privacy during care
  1. Develops a rapport with peers and co-workers that is conductive to effective resident care
  2. Integrates cost effective measure into nursing practices
    1. Processes appropriate resident charges
    2. Accepts need to work as a floor nurse as needed
  • Uses supplies efficiently
  1. Is willing to work in a team approach to accomplish unit productivity goals
  1. Change Process
    1. Suggest areas appropriate for change in a manner that demonstrates a positive attitude
    2. Supports the change process in a manner that demonstrates a positive attitude
    3. Adapts to change brought about by external and internal force in a cooperative and mature way

Physical Requirements:

  1. Lift objects weighing up to 50 pounds
  2. Carry objects weighting up to 25 pounds
  3. Push or pull objects weighing up to 50 pounds
  4. Stooping and bending frequently throughout the day
  5. Reaching and grasping with arms and hands, including reaching above shoulder level
  6. Must be able to cope with stressful situations Supervised by the Director of Nursing & Administrator