Due to the evolving situation with Covid-19 and under the guidance of the CDC, we are taking every effort to keep our community safe and healthy. The Coronavirus is being increasingly reported across the nation and the latest information received confirms that more cases in downstate IL have been reported.

  • All essential healthcare employees will continue to be allowed following CDC guidelines for entry.
  • Anyone entering will be required to check in to be screened and answer the questionnaire.
  • We will continue to use social distancing guidelines for all activities and meals.
  • Those who are ill or require special healthcare needs will dine in their apartments.
  • The use of our entire community including the dining room and all of our common areas are limited to residents only- for meals, meetings, card games, social clubs, coffee & doughnuts etc.
  • We have increased sanitizing efforts within the facility.
  • All community sponsored outings have been postponed.
  • In urgent situations where a visitor is required, we are asking that all visitors check in with our nursing staff upon entry.
  • A screening tool has been provided to our Directors to use as a questionnaire if any person is showing any signs of illness.
  • It is recommended that any routine doctor’s visits be postponed.
  • No one under the age of 18 should be permitted into the facility.
  • Please check with your local event sponsors before heading out – because many (most) public events and gatherings have been cancelled- i.e. sporting events,  Catholic Masses, schools, fundraisers, etc.

We are prepared to implement additional restrictions as recommended by the CDC and Illinois Dept of Public Health. We are confident this will be only temporary, but the safety of everyone is our goal. As the situation changes, we will continue to keep families updated.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience during this unprecedented time.