Clinical Excellence

Our rehabilitation team is made up of highly skilled and experienced physical, occupational and speech therapists who strive to improve each patient’s ability to function and care for themselves again. All of our staff members are graduates of accredited programs with national credentials and state licenses, so you can rest assured that your patient or family member is in the hands of highly qualified rehabilitation professionals. We take a progressive team approach with the therapy program specifically designed for each patient following the evaluation of his or her functional abilities. Below is a listing of specific therapy protocols that are followed when treating a patient for these conditions.

  • CVA Clinical Rehabilitation Protocol • Medically Complex Rehabilitation Protocol
  • Diabetes Rehabilitation Protocol • Dysphagia Rehabilitation Protocol
  • Total Hip Rehabilitation Protocol • Total Knee Rehabilitation Protocol
  • Wound Care Rehabilitation Protocol

Specialized Clinical Programs

Wound Care: Offers wound evaluation, measurement, treatment and prevention programs designed to improve or preserve skin integrity.

Restraint Reduction: Decreases resident’s needs for restraints through the use of appropriate wheelchair seating, positioning and staff education.

Rehab Dining: Increases safety during dining by determining a feeding approach and swallowing precautions appropriate to individual abilities.

Dysphagia Therapy: Evaluates and treats swallowing disorders to reduce the risk for aspiration and improve nutritional intake.

Aural Rehabilitation: Identifies and refers patients in need of audiological evaluation, improves speech reading of hearing impaired and trains caregivers on hearing aid maintenance.

Older Adult Cognitive Rehabilitation: Increases staff understanding of cognitive etiology and patient learning potential by establishing three levels of functional care: restoration, compensation and adaptation.

Restorative Nursing: Designs individualized rehabilitation programs for all residents to restore and maintain physical abilities.

Functional Maintenance: Assesses and establishes a plan to ensure patient’s highest level of function by training caregivers on appropriate treatment.

Other Exciting Programs:

• Wheelchair Positioning/Seating
• Splinting
• Weight Loss Management
• Gardening/Pet Therapy
• Walk to Dine

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