A Ventilator Program You Can Count On!

Prairie Rose Health Care Center is proud to offer a ventilator program that you or your loved one can count on.  Our home can accommodate residents with the following conditions:

  • Complex Respiratory Needs
  • Ventilator/Trach Needs
  • Complications of COPD, End-stage Emphysema, Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Head Trauma & Spinal Cord Injuries 

Prairie Rose Health Care Center accepts residents requiring the following respiratory needs:

  • Volume Ventilator Support
  • C-PAP
  • Bi-PAP

Our home is staffed with experienced full time Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants and Respiratory Therapists.  Our home is also conveniently located a block from the local community hospital. 

Prairie Rose has many success stories with our ventilator dependant residents.  Our highly qualified staff has been successful with “weaning” residents off ventilators, which means the resident is able to breathe on their own without mechanical ventilator support, and have assisted with teaching family members how to care for their loved ones at home on a ventilator. 

Our goal is to create a learning environment for the residents needs and personal goals and to provide continuing education in both the disease process and mechanical support. 

Our social services director is very knowledgeable regarding residents needs upon discharge and will assist family members and our residents with their special needs to promote greater independence and quality of life upon returning home. 

If you are interested in learning more about Prairie Rose’s ventilator care program, please call us today at 217-562-3996.  We welcome tours and can send an informational packet to family members or prospective residents to help assist in the decision making process.