Pathways’ rehabilitation program delivers the highest standard of quality care in the most cost-effective and value-added manner. Individualized treatment programs are designed to serve patients in a wide variety of clinical categories.

Our unique service model offers:

  • Physical, occupational and speech therapies available seven days per week.
  • An interdisciplinary treatment approach by a team of highly qualified rehabilitation professionals.
  • Family involvement in treatment and care planning processes.
  • On-site Rehabilitation Program Coordinator to coordinate and manage the efforts of the interdisciplinary rehab team.
  • Pre-admission screenings to assess each patient’s appropriateness for the program.
  • Free local transportation to and from follow-up doctor appointments.

Pathways is available exclusively by participating Petersen Health Care facilities. To learn more, please contact a facility near you.


Once you have determined whether an assisted living or long-term care facility is required and/or a physician determines the level of care and rehabilitation requirements, you will also need to evaluate what services are offered. Some facilities specialize in rehabilitative care, while others offer only a minimum of service. When you are choosing a facility with rehabilitation, you will need to consider not only the traditional characteristics (see Skilled Nursing), but the following tips may help as well.

  • What kinds of rehabilitation are offered?
  • Do they offer physical therapy?
    • Strength exercises
    • Balance and coordination
    • Flexibility and conditioning
    • Pain relief techniques
    • Whirlpool treatments
    • Home assessments/modification
    • How frequently is it offered?
  • Do they offer occupational therapy?
    • Self-care skills, such as self-feeding, dressing, bathing and other ADLs
    • Re-education of muscles and nerves
    • Retraining in-home management skills
    • Wheelchair modifications
    • Home assessments/modification
    • How frequently is it offered?
  • Do they offer speech therapy?
    • Assessment of communications skills and retraining as ne